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About Us

Andrew Martinez

I am researching families of Losoya, Texas, and surrounding areas. I have a lot of old photographs dating back to the 1880s. I am a retired soldier who lives in San Antonio, Texas (God’s Country) and has been doing genealogy since 1995. I know there will be many questions. Feel free to e-mail or call.

Phone: 210-384-9093

Fred Martinez

To provide a background with my association with history: I have always had an interest in history and genealogy. I first joined Los Bexarenos in 1985 and several positions with them. I authored “A Brief Genealogical and Historical Survey of Villa del Carmen en Medina” 2006 and edited 2 other previously published books.  I joined the Canary Islanders Descendants organization about the same time of 1986. I was appointed to the Bexar County Historical Commission in 1995 as Chairman of Oral History Committee, same we started the Losoya-Thelma Historical Association as president in 1995 and established the Losoya-Thelma Journal as editor until 2003. I joined The San Antonio Conservation Society and the San Antonio Genealogical Society only as a member and volunteer. I was very proud and humbled to have received the prestigious “Hidalgo Award” from Bexar County Commissioners Court and sponsored by Los Bexarenos in 2008.  I had to separate myself from all activities in 2012 to take care of my parents and family matters. I still enjoy history and genealogy and continue to do personal genealogical research when I can.

Rosie Mini

I am the Archive Director of the Ruth Mini Mobile Library and oversees several collections including this one. With the help of my daughter, Ruth, Andrew, and Fred, I am doing my part to ensure that the Losoya-Thelma area history is digitized and made more accessible to the public. I am passionate about preserving history before these small towns are forgotten.

Ruth Mini

Ruth works behind-the-scenes to make sure our website is running smoothly, our photos look amazing, and anything technical to do with the website. Ruth is the Library Director for the Ruth Mini Mobile Library.