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Andrew Martinez

Researching families of Losoya Texas and surrounding areas. Please keep in mind that this site is a work in progress. Keep checking back for new content. I have a lot of old photographs dating back to the 1880's. I recommend that you visit me in my home and look at them if you live in the area. I am a retired soldier who lives in San Antonio, Texas (God's Country) and have been doing genealogy since 1995. I know there will be many questions. Feel free to e-mail or call.

007-Huron Sisters

Left Adelina Huron 1875-1959, center standing Anita Huron 1886-1986, sitting Esther Huron 1893-1992. Daughter of Vivian Huron II and Natalia Cuellar. Picture taken about 1908-1915

001-Huron Brothers

Sons of Vivian Huron II and Natalia Cuellar. Left Vivian Huron III, 1885-1947, center Natividad Huron 1880-1949, right Jose de Carmen Huron 1882-1966. Picture taken about 1890s