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Losoya-Thelma, Texas History Online

Welcome to the Losoya-Thelma, Texas history page.

These two communities have a special place in my heart. My grandparents Aurelio Herrera (Losoya, TX) and Cecilia Reyes Herrera (Thelma, TX) were Losoya residents for many years. As a kid, I always thought we were going out of town when we visited my grandparents. Coming from the southside, Highway 281 South seemed like such a long way from Roosevelt Road.  

I regret not asking them questions about our family history. If you knew my grandpa Aurelio, he was a man of few words. I wasn’t interested in genealogy back then when they were both alive. I’ve met so many cousins and hope to meet many more through this page.

Our purpose for this page is to preserve the past of Losoya and Thelma for the future.

With your help, these two historic communities will not be forgotten. The two main contributors to this page, my cousins Fred Martinez and Andrew Huron Martinez, have many years of genealogy research under their belt. I hope to research other families from Losoya and Thelma, Texas. Some of you have probably come across these photos and documents before, but we want to make them as accessible as possible.

I want to thank Fred and Andrew for graciously supporting this project by contributing archive materials from their personal collection. 

Some of the families that lived in the area are Diaz, Gallardo, Gil, Herrera, Huron, Martinez, Reyes, Sauceda, Toudouze, Pruck, Uriegas, and Villagrande, to name a few. If you want us to share any of your family histories, photos, or stories of Losoya and Thelma, feel free to contact us at with the subject line Losoya Archive. You can also call us at 830-542-8463.

It’s up to us to keep our ancestor’s stories alive, and we cannot do it alone. Will you join us in remembering our ancestors?

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