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009-Torres Club aka Torres Saloon

Torres Club

Picture taken in May 1953. The print on the picture states Torres Club San Antonio also know as Torres Saloon in the community of Earl, Texas. Left to right Avelino Herrera 1885-1966, his wife Anita Huron 1886-1986, Esther Huron 1893-1992 and her husband Jose Maria Martinez.

8 thoughts on “009-Torres Club aka Torres Saloon”

    1. Hi
      Estela aka Stella Hur0on (1916-1941) is my 2nd cousin 2xremoved, I have lot’s of info on the Huron’s.

  1. Hello Andrew Martinez; My name is Virginia Mauricio Pena. My ancestors are from the Losoya, Thelma area. Their family names are Casillas, Mauricio and Librado Garzas. I also have ancestors named Cardenas from Elmendorf. Please add me to your group as I am interested in stories, photos,etc of these families. Thank you, Virginia Mauricio Pena.

  2. Hello again, Mr. Andrew Martinez. In response to your photo of transcribing the letter written by los Senores Martinez to the parents of la Senorita Huron. This is a beautiful formal letter asking for the hand of said Senorita Huron. I remember my parents and grandmother saying that this was how the grooms parents went about asking for a marriage meeting for their son with the brides parents. I believe it was called “piede la mano de la novia”.The letter was usually covered in a fancy calligraphy cover and the grooms mom wore a fancy scarf that were both usually presented to the future in-laws at the time of the said meeting. My grandma said that she had a letter and scarf presented to her family ,saved with her trousseau. These items were lost many years later in a flood. I was happy to see your ancestors letters posted in the photo.

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