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036 1901 Post Card Gallinas Texas Postmark


This is a postcard  the grandmother of Andrew Martinez, Esther Huron from Nicolasa Viagran.

Well, my friend, I received your pleasing card with much pleasure. Well, you tell me that there is nothing new over there. Well those here are the same. Already the “piscadores ” are coming in from their crop picking. The sisters have also returned. Well, this past Sunday I went to Mass but it was very sad, and for the first time there was no Mass. Do not forget to come here and when you arrive, come to my house. Hurry to make the dance and make sure to contact me in a hurry.

Message on border on front of card: And receive the heart of your humble friend and your well esteemed servant, as I hope for.
The card was from Nicolasa Losoya Viagran, from Thelma, daughter of Juan Viagrande and Dionisia Losoya.
The card was sent to: Ester Huron from Las Gallinas, Texas, daughter of Bibian Huron and Natalia Cuellar.
The original inscription: Pues comadre e recivido su amable carta con mucho gusto. Pues me dise que no ay nada de nuevo por aya. Pues yeos aquilo mismo aro mas que lla estan viniendo los piscadores de las piscas. Ya vinieron las hermanas. Pues lla el domingo este que paso fui a misa pero enture muy triste y el dia primero no acer misa. No deje de venir y cuando viene para mi casa, aprecise para aser un vaile y es certo me contesta pronto.
On the border: y receva el corazon de su umible comadre y bien la aprecia y servirle dicea.
Translated by Fred Martinez
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